Chris MacClure- Romantic Realism
Chris MacClure - Golden Cactus Studio - Listed Canadian Artist 1943-




White Rock art teacher  Chris MacClure


Greetings,  Please e-mail me to sign up for art classes, limited to 2-3 per class only. 

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Teaching Classes  & Workshops 

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white rock south surrey arts society

White Rock BC Canada

June  2016  5 sessions







   2 Day Workshop , Peachland  BC Canada  Finished




To workshop instructor Chris MacClure,


All favourable!  Everyone really enjoyed Chris's workshop.  One member found Chris to be inspirational and he boosted her confidence in her painting.  They found his practical and economical hints helpful; for example using canola oil instead of traditional expensive oils and liniments, choosing the right brush, etc.  Everyone really appreciated the amount of individual attention they received from Chris during the workshop.  The following week we brought in our paintings for the rest of the group to have a look and they were impressed.  I'm sure we'll have no problem filling another workshop in the spring if Chris would like to come again.  (you too of course!).  Thanks again  -  it was a success! 




Deborah Livingston, President. Peachland Art Group









 Summerland Pleasure Painters,   Summerland BC Canada  Finished