Chris MacClure- Romantic Realism
Chris MacClure - Golden Cactus Studio - Listed Canadian Artist 1943-




Today, as we watch, mesmerized by the kerfuffle unfolding on the world stage, it is easy to forget the
wonders and beauty all around us. Art has always, and will always, remind us that ‘This too shall pass.’ The
human condition has been, and will forever be, captured by artists, and our great museums and galleries
depict this ongoing saga on their walls. Untouched by human folly, our world continues to spin, unaffected
by our mundane concerns.
Art is truly a gift, and the happiness a piece of art can inspire is timeless. Even a small piece of work
chosen with love can uplift the soul. For artists, capturing this timeless essence is a lofty goal but brings
such peace that it’s worth the effort, even in times when all seems lost. Artists persevere regardless of
what is happening but tend to get lost and forgotten in the milieu.
As the holidays approach, Chris & Marilyn at the Golden Cactus Studio invite you to a ‘smallish works’
event on Thursday, December 7th, from 3 PM to 8 PM at our location, 14833 Marine Drive, on the
waterfront. The idea is to offer art at affordable prices—’STOCKING STUFFER PRICES’—because we
know that, although things appear dire, ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS.’ A gift of art to yourself or for others
will uplift the heart and spirit.
Parking prices have dropped to $2.50 per hour, and we’re happy to cover your parking if your purchase
exceeds $50. We’ll also be offering a little holiday ‘cheer.’ Please mark it on your calendar.
See you then, hugs C & M.
Thursday, December 7th, 2023 3pm-8pm
14833 Marine Drive, West Beach, White Rock BC
Small Originals
Stocking Stuffers Show
Golden Cactus Studio /Gallery 14833 Marine Drive, White Rock | 604.839.3049 |




14833 Marine Drive White Rock BC   v4b 1c1   604 839-3049





Please mark this on your calendar and join us for happy hour 4-7 Thursday Aug 3 .

Have first pick of the new designs of our wearable art of Kimonos and Scarfs.

from our boutique design house in Montreal Bring friends if you wish.

Hugs Marilyn




“While education gives you a direction,

living the life as an artist gives you the inspiration.”  Chris


Phone me I can help you learn how to paint better 604 839-3049



    "Most people are looking for a way out,

I think artists are always looking for a way in"  Chris





14833 Marine Dr. White Rock BC

Canada V4B 1C1



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  International Artist Day  in 2004






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