Chris MacClure- Romantic Realism
Chris MacClure - Golden Cactus Studio - Listed Canadian Artist 1943-


(posted on 5 Feb 2024)

            ART FOR ART’S SAKE



OK, so let's get one thing quite clear; art does not have to match your sofa ---there, I've said it, but having spoken it, it’s not a capital offense if it does.   Choosing art to compliment decor is fine,  but it should not be the overriding factor in buying art. Art is very personal and perhaps that's why people may opt for mere decoration, preferring not to parade their feelings or preferences for all to view.   Also, decision making can be confusing, given the abundance of fine art available not to mention the abundance of reproduction technology, which make for even more options.   Fear not, your neighborhood art gallery can be your best friend when facing those daunting empty walls.


It is worth remembering that art is the soul of your home, it can reflect your personality, your travels or just your love of culture and of course in buying art you help support artists. Artists sublimely feed the soul of your community with inspiration, innovation and courage, for it takes a brave heart to enter the arts and remain true to one’s passion, no matter the economic hardships endured.   Buying decoration is fun, but buying art is an experience that enhances your life.  Decoration is mass created, whereas art is created for the individual.


Most true artists prefer to paint from the intuitive area of consciousness. This state is common to us all,  but accessed only when the thinking, plotting, outlining of the mind is quiet. We all experience this when engrossed in an activity we love, time dissolves and we're in flow with whatever it is we're doing. So, when you come across a work of art that touches you, this is the connecting link between “your own inner artist” and the one who created the piece:  and the romance is on.


Once you've discovered the joy of art collecting, you want to nurture it and finding artists you connect with can be fun and addictive.  You want to discover the artist background what motivates them, what keeps them going even in economic hardship. You ‘ll want to see new work as it comes into the gallery and even enjoy meeting them in person if you can.


Art and art collecting is a massive subject and will be discussed here regularly, so please check back often for more information and insights into the “artist mind and soul”.


Hugs Marilyn Hurst  painter